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Tooth Straightening

Invisible Braces

A series of clear aligner systems can be used to move teeth that require relatively simple tooth movements. This is an attractive alternative to fixed braces as they are

  • removeable, making oral hygiene easy to maintain,
  • almost invisable, so very appealing to someone who is looking for a more aesthetic result

We offer an initial consultation at no charge, to assess if  this procedure is suitable for you and your desire to have a beautiful straight smile.

  • Complimentary tooth whitening is offered at the end of treatment
  • Suitable for teenagers with all their adult teeth and adults with healthy teeth and gums



Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are the ideal choice for more complex tooth movements

Individual clear or metal brackets are typcally fitted to the front ten teeth and metal bands or tubes are fitted to the molars.These are all connected with a series of archwires of different strengths that gradually move the teeth into alignment and are held in place either by either

  • self ligating  brackets or
  • ligatures which are clear or coloured elastics

We offer an initial consultation at no charge to assess your requirements and advise you on the best and most suitable technique tailoured to you needs

  • Complimentary tooth whitening is offered at the end of treatment
  • Suitable for teenagers with all their adult teeth and adults with healthy teeth and gums



From the age of 6 years a child can show signs of having insufficient space for the adult teeth or the jaws (which are approximately 80% grown at this age ) may not be fully aligned to give a good facial profile and lip support.This can affect the appearance and sometimes the well being of the child as they grow.

Dental Orthopaedics uses appliances for the development of the size and shape of the jaws and their realignment and musculo/skeletal system. It can be used at any age however best results are achieved when treated during the growing stages of life.

This treatment is suited if your child shows signs of any of the following

  • protruded teeth
  • crooked teeth and crowding
  • narrow face and therefore mouth which can lead to breathing difficulties
  • Thumbsucking
  • clicking jaw joints ( TMJ)

Early diagnosis may

  • reduce or even eliminate children from having extractions
  • reduce or eliminate need for fixed braces
  • provide a child with confidence to smile
  • correct jaw alignment which impacts on the TMJ joint function


Straight teeth and correct jaw alignments at the end of orthodontic and orthopaedic treatment need to be maintained to prevent relapse.

There are a variety of types of retainers but the most common are:-

  • Essix clear retainers- these are removable  plastic retainers  that slip over the teeth and are virtually invisable
  • Hawley retainers- these are hard acrylic retainers that are used especially following Orthopaedics when the jaws have been developed in size and shape
  • Fixed wire retainers- these are fitted by bonding a wire behind the lower front six teeth and is semi permanent
  • Bio retainer- This is a one piece hard acrylic retainer used to help keep the lower jaw forward