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Hygiene Treatments

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Whilst everyone knows they should use their toothbrush to clean their teeth, not everyone can get their technique right.Our Hygienist can help you to understand how to use your toothbrush ( the angle, pressure and motion)and how to use different types of brushes ( electric/manual or soft/medium ) and how to floss/superfloss/or use interdental brushes for cleaning in between your teeth. Regular Hygiene appointments ensures you are applying the correct techniques without causing damage to your teeth and gums

Stain Removal

Staining can occur for many reasons, the most common being lifetstyle causes such as  tea & coffee, redwine & smoking.                               Staining can be removed using our polishing pastes or for a more intense cleaning using our Air Polishing Stain removal system


Treatment of Gum Disease

If early gum disease ( Gingivitis -which is reversible)  is not controlled then the supporting tissues around the teeth starts to be affected causing more advanced gum disease ( Periodontitis- which is irreversible) to develop.Our Dentists and Hygienist will assess any supporting tissue loss by measuring the depth of ” pockets” around each tooth and keep record of this for monitoring.Three monthly Hygiene appointments are more typical in these cases as continual monitoring is essential. Approx 15% of the UK population have severe Periodontitis and these cases are usually treated by a Specialist Periodontist


Prevention of Gum Disease

Early Gum disease                     ( Gingivitis- red painful,swollen gums that bleed when brushing) can be prevented with a good Oral Hygiene Routine. This typically is using either an electric or manual toothbrush for a minimum of 2 minutes twice a day plus some form of additional aid to clean in between the teeth. Our  Hygienist can remove early deposits of hardened plaque known as calculus and advise on the best techniques however regular visits  for a scale and polish are also essential to help monitor & maintain healthy gums.